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This guide has been created to assist you in the use of proper citation for your research work.

Academic Misconduct

All forms of academic misconduct including,but not limited to, cheating on tests, plagiarism, collusion and fabrication of information will call for discipline. Alleged violations will be handled according to the procedures presented in Section IV.B. of the Student Handbook. 

   1. "Cheating on tests" is defined to include the following:     
         a. Copying from another student's test or answer sheet.
         b. Using materials or equipment during a test not authorized by the person giving the test.
         c. Collaborating with any other person during a test without permission.
         d. Knowingly obtaining, using, buying, selling, transporting or soliciting in whole or in part the contents of a test prior to its administration.
 e. Bribing or coercing any other person to obtain tests or information about tests.
         f. Substituting for another student or permitting any other person to substitute for oneself.
         g. Cooperating or aiding in any of the above.

   2. "Plagiarism" is defined as the appropriation of any other person's work and the unacknowledged incorporation of that work in one's own work.

   3. "Collusion" means knowingly assisting another person in an act of academic dishonesty.<    4."Fabrication" is defined as falsifying or inventing information in such academic exercises as reports, laboratory results and citations to the sources of information.

                                                                                                         (Source: Student Calendar & Handbook, 2012-2013)

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